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Ch. 1 key ideas January 19, 2010

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I know that chapter one in every book is an introduction and usually boring but with this book I found unsuspecting and intriguing ideas with information that is very applicable to the stage of development that I am in within my major courses. I have taken the introduction course and some others but this is my first writing PR class that I am taking and from what I have learned so far it is VERY IMPORTANT to the PR profession.

*So when it said that computers are “the most important piece of equipment in a public relations office” it made me think (pg.6). I would have thought that some guide-book or such would be most important but this makes me glad to have gotten a new computer for Christmas.

*How to format sentences, how to choose words correctly, and how to use imagery. These ideas sound very simple and repeated all the time but it was nice to get refreshed on the subjects because I think sometimes it is very easy to just rely on the computer to do all the work, which explains why it is the most important piece of equipment , but it can also break, stall, or fail at times.

*”Current Events and Trends” section gave me a lot to think about (p.15). In this section there are a variety books, suggested types of newspapers to read, and other materials to help me keep up with current events. This really shows that the field of Public Relations extends very far and wide to force you to use more than just a textbook and a classroom to learn.

( information taken from: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by: Dennis L. Wilcox sixth edition)


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