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Now I GET It January 24, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3330,Topic of the Week — Caroline Rawlins @ 9:35 pm

Being a part of the “technology” generation I believe that we have become so dependent on our phones, computers, and palm planners to do the thinking for us. When writing a paper, a blog, a facebook status, or twitter update we always count on the little red or green  squiggle under the misspelled, grammatically incorrect, or repeated word to alert us and even fix our mistakes. By relying on technology as our ultimate solution, we have not found a need or even an interest in learning about our language and grammar.

With a disinterest in the subject of grammar and word origins/meanings I believe that we have lost a vital and even interesting thing to study or just look into for fun. I mean, who knew that the word “get” could have 63 meanings. If you really sit down to think about it, the word “get” is such a versatile word for only containing three letters.It can replace “be” , which is one of the most common words in the English language and it had many tenses though they might seem simple the past participle can get confusing. The American English is “gotten” while the British English is “got”.

It surprised me that such a small and often unnoticed word was so diverse and had so many meanings that we us in our day-to-day writing and speech. Usually the large and rare words are the ones that get confusing and considered the “smart” words that only scholars, but I think that if you know all the meanings and uses of “get” you belong in the same category. “Get” should serve as  the new “smart” word.

I hope to rediscover the fundamentals of the English language and not rely on technology to do the thinking for me, though I will probably subscribe to the “Grammar Girl” blog and find her on twitter.


6 Responses to “Now I GET It”

  1. This is so true! Life definitely would not be the same without the “spell check” feature on Microsoft Word or even T9word on my cell phone to use for text messaging. Aside from spelling, I also use the “find synonyms” function on Microsoft Word far too much! How many times have you thought “I can find a better word than this to fit in this sentence!” If you are anything like you then right click and check out what synonyms the good ole’ computer can find. Technology has definitely changed our lives in both good and bad ways.
    I never knew that the word “get” had 63 meanings! This blog has a lot of information that I needed to think about. Good job, Caroline!
    I’ll link to Grammar Girl now!

  2. tajanicole20 Says:

    I hear exactly where your coming from. It is sad to say but our generation is depending more on technology to do things for us than ourselves. That is exactly why we are not maintaining this economy, and that is why parents have such a hard time in making sure that we are doing as we are supposed to. I look forward to reading more of your blogs, it was enjoyable to read.

  3. jameskick Says:

    It is sometimes hard to see the larger picture for the little things that tend to annoy us, isn’t it? But in the long run, I think you’ll find that they really do matter, and it’s the little details that people remember. Good luck as you work on that!

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