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Comments are Crucial January 30, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3330,Topic of the Week — Caroline Rawlins @ 8:39 pm

Blogging is a very new concept and one that might take a while to become an integral part of your daily routine. You have to make it a part of your day just like going to the gym, brushing your teeth, or going to class. This might be hard for some people, because I know it had been for me, but when you work your way into the blogging world and become linked and connected to other bloggers it makes it easier to get involved.

One way to become linked to other bloggers is through comments. Comments can be made on the any type of posts that the person has written. Comments should show your interest in the topic and be helpful feedback for the blogger who posted the blog you are commenting on. Never be condescending or rude in your comments, if you do not like the post topic or content it is best to just keep those thoughts to yourself because you never know who could link to the blogger and see your negativity and permanently associate that with you.

Try to act constructive in your comments and be sure to link to them so that people viewing your blogging site can benefit through your networking. Comments are very crucial  part and take your blogging beyond your own words and page. They make others and yourself feel as though there is a community aspect and they give a feeling of being heard. Without comments the blogging world would be nothing but another standard, dry, and boring website.


2 Responses to “Comments are Crucial”

  1. ah01490 Says:

    I agree that blogging needs to become part of your everyday routine to become apart of the blogging world. That is a great way to think about it when you said its “like going to the gym, brushing your teeth, or going to class.”

    I also think that being able to comment on others blogs, and have people comment on your own blog posts allows feedback and to express your opinions. I think it is great that you also mention to never leave rude comments. I feel that if people begin to leave comments that are condescending, then it will hurt the blogging community because people will be afraid to express their true feelings.

    After leaving comments on a few peoples blogs, I can already tell that being able to comment makes blogging so much more interesting! Great job on this blog, keep it up!

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