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Super Bowl. Super Commercials. February 9, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3330,Topic of the Week — Caroline Rawlins @ 10:13 pm

The Super Bowl has become synonymous with high impact and costly commercials. This past Sunday another round of anticipated commercials made their debuts. There were some big names among these that made strong impressions, good or bad.

A Motorola: Megan Fox Photo advertisement that  featured Megan Fox in a tub full of bubbles and taking photos of herself with her phone.  Fox then preceded to question what would happen if she sent the photos out to others on the network. This commercial was my least favorite one because of its message and how it really had nothing but sex appeal to offer. It did not really focus on the phone’s features and uniqueness, instead it just showed that the phone can take pictures and the Motorola network can send them. This is not a new idea, Verzion, T-Moble, and most other networks can do the same thing. The commercial seems to lack any real appeal to the Motorola phone company or the phones features. It made me question what they were even advertising. Was it a phone or Megan Fox’s image.

A commercial that actually appealed to me on many levels was the Google: Search On advertisement. It was a simple shot of the search engine with the tab typing a variety of searches that related to Paris. It is accompanied by soft music, nothing to intense or loud like other commercials,  that played throughout the length of the commercial. This commercial directly identified the product and showed its uses with a story line that was clear and cohesive.


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