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The Bachelor; love or money February 9, 2010

Filed under: Personal,PRCA 3330 — Caroline Rawlins @ 11:41 pm

Monday nights at the Alpha Delta Pi house are highly anticipated. The hours of  8 p.m. -10 p.m. are devoted to The Bachelor. The current season is down to the last four girls and their hometown dates. During the latest episode a contestant, Ali Fedotowsky, left on her own accord.

She left because her job had contacted her and said that she would be fired if she did not return. This ultimatum visibly made her upset and she chose to leave. Though The Bachelor is a reality show, it seems to show a resounding theme in many “love stories” that money is more important than love.

Many people become married to their job, give up love for a higher position within their company, or choose to let how much money someone has to be a main issue when deciding to love. This is a sad concept, but an obvious one. Maybe everyone needs to take a step back and ask themselves whats more important, love or money?


4 Responses to “The Bachelor; love or money”

  1. jessicateal1 Says:

    First off I love The Bachelor, and at my house 6 of my best friends come over every Monday to watch. I agree I think that we all do need to step back and ask whats more important, and especially Ali in her situation. I do have mixed feelings on this though because it is a reality show, should she give up her entire life and make a huge step of giving up her job in this type of economy? Also, for something that’s not a sure thing. In all respect he is dating 4 other women, and admits to having mixed feelings. To me this would also be a very hard choice, and i probably would not have made the same choice, but no one every said LOVE was easy. Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

  2. lowoodward Says:

    WAY back in the day I saw this show called “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire” and this post you made reminds me about it. The show was set up so that ten ladies were questioned by a mysterious single male millionaire and at the end of the show/questioning, he would pick a bride, and they would be legally wed in front of a live audience. The entire time, the ladies don’t get to ask him questions or see his face- they only hear his responses to their questions. Meanwhile he was able to see all of them through TV screens hooked-up.

    Talking about for love, or for money- huh?! This one-timer show was a hit while it aired, but I am pretty sure which ever network showed it, lost the ability to continue the show- for lack of really really really stupid millionaires hahaha.

    Anyways, thought I would share!

  3. mc02131 Says:

    Alright now, dont make fun of me but I was actually intriuged and became a weekly regular of The Bachelor this past season. I cant remember his name (Jake wasnt it?), but after it all ended and evertyhing thats come out of it…I highly doubt he was on the show for “love”. I personally could not believe the girl he picked. I dont even think they are together anymore . Didnt he cheat on her with a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars”? Yah, thats another thing…dont you think it’s kind of ironic he ends up on “Dancing with the Stars” immediately after The Bachelor ended? I dunno, at first the guy seemed likeable and genuine, but after everything folded into place….I def. think he was in it for all the wrong reasons.

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