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Ch. 4 Key Ideas February 15, 2010

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The beginning of a piece always seems to get me caught up and seems to take more of my time and effort than it should. Chapter four was very helpful in providing ideas of brainstorming and how to find and make a good news story.

*Proximity– The news releases that are most appealing and accepted by the media gatekeepers are the ones that related to the surrounding areas and people within the community you are writing for or in ( 96). These close proximity stories are known as hometowners and shows how important it is to localize the information or events that are being covered or presented to the gatekeepers.

*Brainstorming-The process of brainstorming is to “encourage everyone to express any idea that comes to mind”(105). This can be done in a group of people or on your own. It is helpful to look through the local news stories or the community’s interests to find a starting point in brainstorming. On page 106 there are 32 specific ways to create news which would be very helpful to look into if you are having trouble in coming up with “new” news for a piece.

*Internal News- A great way to make creditable and newsworthy news is using internal news as a great basis for the story. Internal news is looking into the internal affairs and news of the organization you are working for. This can be done by looking at important papers, periodicals, clipping files, and other published materials dealing with the organization (101-102). These sources will provide you with a better understanding of who you are working for and how to work better with them to achieve a good experience and press.

( information taken from: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by: Dennis L. Wilcox sixth edition)


2 Responses to “Ch. 4 Key Ideas”

  1. I think a lot of times when I’m writing for my journalism classes I forget how important it is to localize news. I basically have to write local news stories because how else am I going to perform an interview to get direct quotes? I cannot exactly just call up a national official. I just never think to take into account how much it means to see you’re hometown in the news or to see someone you know in the local news. It is important to remember that there is a personal side to journalism as well as public relations writing. This chapter exemplified that, as well as many other great ideas on how to get your organization in the news. This chapter was very helpful to me not only in this class, but also in other classes I am taking dealing with writing for PR.

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