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What Makes for a Newsworthy Story? February 18, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3330,Topic of the Week — Caroline Rawlins @ 8:50 pm

When writing for a paper, magazine, webpage, or even blog it is good to have newsworthy stories. Having a newsworthy story essential to get your story publish and noticed by the audience.

First and foremost a newsworthy story must be current. No matter the length of your story or the size of your distribution you must have a story and information that is current. A story about an event that took place a week or two ago will not be something that gets the reader’s attention and does not make for  a newsworthy story. Along with being current the story should be localized. Having the story take place in the community or city or even state that you are living and working in makes it more appealing to the readers because they will be able to relate and have a sense of connection with the piece. A piece about a local school would be more interesting and appealing than a story about a school in another state that has no real effect on the local community.

Having a “wow” factor to the story is good. Any unusual event or thing written about will most likely get published and have something that draws the reader in and allows their minds to be captures by your story.  A story that is interesting, like a human interest story, can be unique and have a personal accord with the readers.Human interest stories can be about local people in the community or people who are not. As long as the story has a direct relevance with the readers it is a good thing to write about.

If you are ever stuck for a news lead just take a look around you and in your community. The more recent, the better and never forget that you can alway find something ordinary and make it great if you just take the time and look through new eyes.


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