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“The SPINdustry” February 20, 2010

Filed under: PR Connections,PRCA 3330 — Caroline Rawlins @ 8:12 pm

Kim Kardashin is trying her hand at producing a show about the world of celebrity PR and follows Johnathan Cheban  and SimonHuck in a show titled ” The SPINdustry”.

Johnathan Cheban and Simon Huck are publicists with Command PR and this serves as the focus for the show. The first couple of episodes are just part of a special but Kardashin hope that it will turn into a series.

The first episode is documenting an event that Cheban and Huck are doing for Mel B. There are a list of top names that Kardashin would like to have on her show and the first episodes will determine the show’s popularity .

I believe that this show could be a big hit, but I worry about the way that it will portray the PR industry. Many people have the wrong impression of the industry  being about throwing parties and sipping on cocktails. This is far from the truth and I hope that “The SPINdustry” will be able to capture the hard work, stress, organization, and networking that all goes into it.

Since Kardashian is already in PR industry maybe she will use her platform to being a changed view of the industry. She already has her show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” which is in its fourth season on the E! network so she is familiar with  the spot light and the how production works. With her background in the media I feel that she will do a good job with this show and start a revolution with the evolution of how PR professionals are viewed.


2 Responses to ““The SPINdustry””

  1. sarahgricius Says:

    I actually just made this show one of my PR connections also. I felt that it was a great show, but also agree with you about the effects it may have on the PR industry and the reputation that might come along with it. I think that the first episode did capture some of the hard work, stress, organization, and networking that you talked about above. They had to put on an event and were having trouble keeping the magazines reps there because they were all expecting Mel B. to appear. But one of the employee’s that work for Command PR stepped up and used her experience to keep them at the event in order for the event to get into the tabloids. She decided to give them water and lollipops because they could tell they were getting irritated and I felt that showed that PR practitioners needs to be prepared for any situation and to also be quick on their feet. I also agree that Kim Kardashian will do a great job with this show and hope that PR becomes even more popular than it is today with this show airing.

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