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Ch. 5 Key Ideas February 23, 2010

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Chapter 5 was a very important chapter and focused on writing a news release. A news release is something that every PR professional should master and use often. This chapter was not very filled with  great excitement but gave the basic outline essentials and types of news releases that exist.

*The beginning of this chapter starts out with the first steps and the foundation for formating a news release. It starts out with asking the “basic questions” and goes through the process of the technical aspects of starting a news release such as margins, spacing, and topic selection (120).

*The “10 Classic News Release Mistakes” box in the chapter is really useful and I suggest even writing the 10 points down to keep by your desk or computer so they are handy at all times when you may be working on press releases for different events (129).

*Later on in the chapter there is a section on “Preparing the Multimedia News Release” which seems to be a growing movement and way of presenting news releases to editors. This section talks about the “do and don’t” of this form and what the finish product of a multimedia news release might look like (136).

*Section on “Types of News Releases” is also an interesting section because I have never thought about there being different types like, announcements, spot announcements, reaction releases, bad news, and local news (123-23). I now know about the different types I will be able to specialize and categorize my future news releases.

( information taken from: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by: Dennis L. Wilcox sixth edition)


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