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One Week of Twitter. February 23, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3330,Topic of the Week — Caroline Rawlins @ 9:31 pm

During the past 7 days I have been making the best use of my Twitter account that had been stagnant for the past 8 months. We were challenged to use Twitter for a solid 7 days and tweet twenty times and respond to at least 5 tweets by classmates.

This assignment made me excited because I have had a Twitter account since last year and had not had a real interest in using it. I started the week not really knowing what to tweet about or how often to do it. During the first couple of tweets I began to get the hang of it and by following my classmates, teacher, and other PR professional I was able to see what they were tweeting and get a better grasp on it.

I enjoy how Twitter, unlike Facebook, posted your replies on your profile and also enjoy the simplicity of the profiles and walls. There are not notifications, applications, and photo event requests taking up your computer page. I can definitely understand why Twitter has grown in popularity as a social network.

There seem to be a different type of generation of the network than Facebook has. Twitter seems to have older and more established people and companies on it and they are easily accessed, even the celebrities are Tweeting for you to follow and have been verified as the “real deal” which is nice to see, so that you know they are authentic.

I will continue to use Twitter and we are starting a Twitter account for some other organizations that I am involved in on campus. I see Twitter as a simple and fast way to communicate and post updates about important events or things that are going on in the social networks around us. I even tweeted today and since last week it has become part of a routine for me that I plan to keep up, so that I can keep connected.


2 Responses to “One Week of Twitter.”

  1. I too prefer Twitter over Facebook. I created both a Twitter and a Facebook account as part of my own social media experiment and I find that I use Twitter a whole lot more than Facebook. I log in to TweetDeck several times a day and I might check my Facebook page once a week or so.

    I miss several class tweeps that have ‘flown’ from Twitter now that the assignment is over. I hope they soon realize the value in Twitter. Sure you can chat with friends on Facebook, but using Twitter you could connect with someone and land a job in another country. There are so many benefits. I love Twitter!

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