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Ch. 6 Key Ideas February 27, 2010

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*Media advisories- have other names such as media advisories and can be useful to alert the editors about upcoming events that they might want to participate in as media. They can use these to find out the basic information such as What, Where, When, Who, and why. They are done in a short form with bullets instead of paragraphs. Try to keep them to one-page , simple, and to the point to ensure that it will have a better chance of being read and chosen by the editor (144-146).

*Electronic Media Kits-They are becoming more popular as our society becomes more adapt to the digital world and these can help because of their versatility. They can include a lot of information in a variety of formats such as videos, photos, and animation. The EMKs can reach a more diverse and expanded audience than the traditional format and will help the advancements of Media Kits a lot in the near future(149-150).

*Preparing a Pitch-It is important to really tailor your pitch to the reporter. This can be done through several ways and on page(157 )there is a very helpful box that list 10 particular tips for making the perfect pitch. Some of these include: not calling during deadline, offer help on trend stories, don’t send clips of other stories, and relationships are everything( 157).

( information taken from: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by: Dennis L. Wilcox sixth edition)


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