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Smoke Out For Lung Cancer March 2, 2010

Filed under: PR Connections,PRCA 3330 — Caroline Rawlins @ 5:27 am

When most people see the words “Smoke Out” there are a few different and usually illegal thoughts that come to mind. These thoughts are from the truth when speaking about the “Smoke Out for Lung Cancer” that Alpha Delta Pi holds as an annual philanthropy event. The event will the fourth consecutive year that Alpha Delta Pi has teamed up with Delta Tau Delta to sell BBQ  plates for $5.

The event will take place on March 10, 2010. Delta Tau Delta  will be slow cooking several hundred pounds of pork that will be pared with baked beans and sweet tea to make a plated meal to eat at the Georgia Southern RAC Pavilion or taken to go.

The proceeds that are raised are given to the American Cancer Fund to help in with the finances of the research that they do. This is a great cause and a way to get involved in the support of a good cause and to see the Greek Life at Georgia Southern more than an outlet for parties.

Greek Life at Georgia Southern is 11 percent and growing with each year that passes. They are become a large organization as a whole and as they grow there is an emergence of an awareness of image on campus and the surrounding community. With this awareness there are starting to be more philanthropic events such as Smoke Out for Lung Cancer, War of the Wings ( Kappa Delta), Big Man on Campus ( Zeta Tau Alpha). All of these events raise money for cause worthy organizations.

If the Greek Community can keep this up, they are well on their way to changing their image as it relates to the other students and members of the community.


3 Responses to “Smoke Out For Lung Cancer”

  1. annalg Says:

    Hey Caroline! I think that Alpha Delta Pi’s philanthropy is great! You will defiantly see me at the Smoke Out for Lung Cancer barbeque! Where could students who don’t know any ADPi’s buy tickets? And Is the American Cancer Fund one of your chapter’s national or local philanthropies? Also thanks for mentioning Kappa Delta’s War of the Wings! It is important that as Greeks we all support each other’s philanthropies in order to raise awareness and funds. And you’re right if we all work together we can change the image of Greek Life as a whole! Good luck doing PR for Panhellenic, you are doing a great job! I’m sure this class is giving you a lot of new ideas!

  2. If you do not know any ADPI’s you can always look on the Facebook event or page to get tickets. The American Cancer Fund is Delta Tau Delta’s philanthropy so we are just teaming with them for this particular fund raiser.
    Yes this class has helped me a lot with ideas and how exactly to communicate those ideas affectively to our audiences for events.
    Thanks for your comments and interest in the post!

  3. ah01490 Says:

    Hey! I am so glad you wrote about Smoke Out! I really enjoy this event that Alpha Delta Pi hosts with Delta Tau Delta. It is such a fun event that goes to a great cause. Although this year there was yucky weather, I think that it still was a great event. The food was good and it looked like a lot of people attending. Hopefully we raised a lot of money for the American Cancer Fund. I think it is great to put on events like Smoke Out to prove people with the bad impressions of greek life wrong! Great post!!! 🙂

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