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Ch. 7 Key Ideas March 3, 2010

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* The Lead(pg.177).- The lead of a story may be short  as a paragraph with no more than thirty words but it is the MOST important part of the story. The lead has the job of attracting the audience and get attention of the reader so that they will be enticed to read the whole article. “A good lead requires creativity on the writer’s part”(175). A lead is a promise that the reader will be offered details and information that is presented in the lead. So be sure to make a lead that flows with the story and sets it up to capture the reader.

*Op-Ed (pg 181).- An op-ed is something that I was not familiar with but through reading chapter seven I have learned a lot. An ep-ed is an article that can present a “variety of views on current news events, governmental policies, pending legislation, and social issues”(180). They are usually opposite the editorial page in a newspaper and can reach audience of readers who tend to read the editorials and have their strong opinions already set in place. So use these to reach an audience directly that you could not reach otherwise.

*Types of Features (pg. 168)-I never realize how many types of features there are. There are case study, application story, research study, backgrounder and the list goes on. These may be a list but there are “no practical limit to the variety of stories that can be written”(168). Basically, anything that can be made interesting can be made into a feature story. So read on in chapter seven to understand the different types of feature stories since the lines between them can get blurry at times.

( information taken from: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by: Dennis L. Wilcox sixth edition)


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