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Ch. 8 Key Ideas March 24, 2010

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Chapter eight was about selecting photos and graphics. I am not good a photography but this chapter allowed me to know how important they can be to your work.

* Subject matter-subject matter is something that is very important to relate to your piece. There are several types of shots that you can take and what to include in them. Pictures with a few people are usually much better than group photos  that could present problems. The “grip and grin” photo is a standard which “have been a traditional staple of publicity photos for years, and there is no evidence that they are going out of style”(190). So be sure to not involve too much or too many people and always be sure that the photo will complement the piece.

*Cropping and Retouching- “Cropping is editing the photo by cutting off parts of the picture that you don’t want”(199). This is something that many people of the public see as not ethical. Mainly considering retouching which is about “altering the actual content of the photo”(199). Taking things such as background things that hinder the photo can be fine, but many photographers have taken this technique and altered the appearance of the people to make them unrealistic. This is not fair to the public seeing this information because it could be seen as false information. So be careful when using these techniques.

* Distributing Photos- When trying to get your photos out there notice the four formats that you can use; thumbnail, bigger preview, low-resolution version, and high-resolution. This offers the editor with many options and choices. This will also up your chances of getting your photos noticed. This can occur online or through person to person meetings or social networking sites. There are many options when it comes to getting your photos out there so just pick the best medium and technique for you.

( information taken from: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by: Dennis L. Wilcox sixth edition)


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