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PrOpenMic March 24, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3330,Topic of the Week — Caroline Rawlins @ 2:20 pm

PROpenMic is a website for networking that I was very unfamiliar with until the past couple of weeks. My PR Writing teacher, Barbara Nixon, turned me on to it and I have found it to be very similar to Facebook and Twitter, but has its unique features and settings to make it stand apart from the other social networking sites.

Like Facebook, you are given a profile page in which you can personalize with colors, updates, music players, and pictures. This may seem just like Facebook but there are things at PROpenMic that are not found on Facebook. The homepage set up of the site is defiantly more sophisticated and provides more than status updates and pictures posted. It gives insightful and information about relevant subjects of events in the field.

The social networking site has a statement of “Your Worldwide Network for Connecting & Learning” and by taking a familiar set up that many people know from Facebook and Twitter they apply it and make it work for the betterment of students, teachers, and practitioners.

There is a Jobs/Internships Main page that can connect the students to practitioners and jobs for their futures. This is a great tool when considering how many of the students that are connected on the site are upperclassmen and are in the stage of life where you start looking towards the future in hopes of a job in the field.. PROpenMic has a link for blog posts that you might write or find it also has a tab for forums in which everyone can participate and with the smaller social feeling of the site it is easier to keep up and connect with people with similar goals and interests. There is also a Resources tab in which you can look for helpful videos, tips, and information about the site or PR field such as “acceptable rules of conduct” video.

I over all really enjoy this site even though I was a little hesitance that it would just be another networking site. It seems to be more than that and really catering to the PR world. I will continue to keep up my page and hopefully make a positive plug-in.


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