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Twitter and Celebrities March 29, 2010

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Recently I came across an article titled Tweets or Trouble. This particular article talked about the massive growth of Twitter since its inception in 2006. According to the article, Twitter “grew a staggering 1,382% from February 2008 to February 2009, and has more than 7 million unique visitors every month.” The popularity of Twitter reaches from students to scholars and has become the largest micro- blogging site on the internet.

Twitter and its varied users tend to even include celebrities like Rob Thomas, Kirstie Alley, and Kimora Lee Simmons. There is even a Tweet called Celebrity Tweet where you can track your favorite celebrities in one central location. The right of every human to express their opinion and exercise your right to free speech is apparent and celebrities are people after all, but the constant Tweets and updates about their lives are starting to cause them trouble.

Celebrities are loving the FREEDOM and being able to speak on newsworthy topics that they are interested or even involved in without having to wait on their representative to form a statement and take it to the press. According to the article,” Because of the public nature of the site, many public relations practitioners face a “media literacy” problem among their celebrity clients.” Once their client makes a Tweet it is there for life. Out there in the cyber world will be their comments and these might not always be the best things for the celebrities to do. Though they might not see the harm in it, there could be damage done to their or someone else’s reputation based on what they say.

Though Twitter allows the celebrities to be more accessible and public to their fans, they are also that much more accessible and public to the media and its criticism.Courtney Love made a great example when she proceeded to  Tweet an opinion of hers about a designer and his personal habits. The information could be proven true, but never the less she was sued for it  Celebrities opinions can be considered fact and taken out of context for many people. So, just be careful what you read and post and use discretion in all decisions about making information available on the World Wide Web.


5 Responses to “Twitter and Celebrities”

  1. Brittany rollings Says:

    Even though I think on Twitter it would be cool to track someone like Madonna, if I was a celebrity I will feel kind of weird with people tracking me on a website. Every one is different of course and maybe the celebrities just want to be like everyone else and let their voices be heard.

  2. Doing public relations for celebrities has to be an extremely hard undertaking. They are constantly being interviewed and followed so it is hard to keep track of everything they say- especially since everything they say may end up in print! When they decide to share there opinion on twitter- they have to realize they are public figures and that even their “tweets” are analyzed and can impact their careers. I’m pretty sure that is why celebrities like Miley Cyrus have to close their twitter accounts, and why John Mayer had to take a “hiatus” from twitter. By the way, I love how your blog is so organized, it makes it really easy to navigate!!

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  4. annalg Says:

    I never thought about Twitter becoming a place where celebrities are “able to speak on newsworthy topics that they are interested or even involved in without having to wait on their representative.” If I was so cooped up behind my PR representatives permission I would jump on the Twitter bandwagon in a split second. I have heard about celebrities getting in trouble for stuff they post on Twitter though so it makes me wonder if their representatives aren’t following their every Tweet to make sure nothing inappropriate is said. A lot of my friends follow celebrities on Twitter and love getting to hear about their favorite stars’ lives.

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