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Ch. 10 Key Ideas April 2, 2010

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Chapter 10 is about distributing news to the media. The media seems to be into everything these days, but how do we get them to pay attention to the newsworthy news that should be penetrating the media.

* Electronic Wire Service- (p. 259-264)This method is one that I had not really heard of a lot. This method is used for news releases and other materials like photos. The distribution is done through and electronic wire service. It is used for information that requires a timely response and a wide geographic area. They must meed the Security and Exchange Commission regulations. The cost is pretty low with just $600 to distribute the information to all 50 states.

*Food Feature-(p. 265) Yummmm. In this particular section there is a “tip box” for explaining “The Components of Successful Food Feature” (255). You have to watch your description words when writing about food. Be sure to use “evergreen” words, which are words that describe the product so it will be relevant over a period of time. The tips about Food Features can also be applied to many other “camera-ready” features. So use your imagination and make it juicy.

* Fax-(pg. 269-270) Sending a fax can seem like a pretty outdated thing to do, especially with my generation, so I was surprised that it was featured as a method of distribution in this chapter. There are advantages of a fax like, having it at fast as a phone call and the face that it distributes handwritten information like graphs and signatures. A fax is also more likely to get read since there are far less of them flowing through the offices of editors. So, think about sending a fax next time you need to get important information read.

( information taken from: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by: Dennis L. Wilcox sixth edition)


2 Responses to “Ch. 10 Key Ideas”

  1. michellev21 Says:

    My favorite part of this chapter was the food feature as well! It made me very hungry! One thing I noticed about food features is that they are mainly recipes. As long as you have yummy recipes and ingredients, you can’t go wrong with a food feature. It is always a good idea to have some type of angle on food features, such as “Family Meals under $10” or “Low Fat Cookies on a Budget”. These angles will get the attention of readers because they appeal to popular issues of weight loss and budget. Another aspect of the food feature which I feel has a huge impact on the success of the feature is the photos. A great publicity food photo will make the ingredients and final prodect look mouth-watering. These photos shoud induce cravings in the readers so that they will HAVE to eat it! Ah, Now I have made myself hungry!

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