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IPad…not so great after all. April 7, 2010

Filed under: PR Connections,PRCA 3330 — Caroline Rawlins @ 7:10 pm

I recently found a good website to look at the top PR news related articles, blogs, and over all information. It is called Alltop and there are different sections for certain types of stories. I enjoy the one titled Most Topular Stories. Today there was an article about the new iPad that everyone has been waiting in anticipation for so long for.

The people waited and it is finally here, but the reviews seemed to be mixed. The article Apple iPad: Revolutionary , Shiny Paperweight ? explored the problems with this new product. It was a very fair article and presented thoughts from two people and one was an avid Apple product user.

The main problem that is discussed in this article is about the iPad’s inability to run Flash player. This prevents the users of the iPad from running half of the games and videos that are on the internet. This is not because there is no technology on the iPad for it nor is it about the cost of the program. It is purely about the issues that Abobe and Macintosh have. So to be able to run a simple site like Hulu the site would have to develop an App and sell it. This is a great marketing tool and good way to create revenue but it is sort of silly when considering that Macintosh’s crazy control on the stringent process they make the App creators go through.

Most people have been focusing on the new technology that this product brings and have been blinded to the reasons behind all of the Apps and difficulties with the internet working. Apple has done a great job at hiding its dominance and close mindedness on the adoption the Flash player. I think they should be exposed and that their PR company or person should be applauded for its good job at promoting the product and hiding the flaws but in the name of ethics in PR I think they should be disappointed.


11 Responses to “IPad…not so great after all.”

  1. I agree with you on the iPad. I think a lot of the publicity for the iPad was hype because it is such a new product. I also agree that Apple’s PR company has crazy skills at hiding glaring problems in a new product. The technology wars that major companies have today over software today is crazy, and we as the consumers are the ones who suffer. I know the iPad is supposed to be the newest must-have item with many reviewers assuming it or something like it will replace students physical textbooks because of e-reader capabilities, but I don’t see that happening if Macintosh can’t start getting along better with other tech companies. We use a multitude of media today, and any company that tries to limit the use of their device because of their own pride will only hurt them in the long run.

  2. Jessica Says:

    Hey Carol! I thought this post was very interesting. I am an apple fan. I have an iphone, an Apple Computer, and and ipod. So, naturally when I heard that Apple was coming out with a new product I was super excited. I looked it up and was a little disappointed. I just don’t see where it is anything new. It is like a computer except flat and touch screen. I don’t see a need for it. And now, no flash player?! Waste of Apple genius I must say.
    I think Apple should create a camera! I would LOVE to see what they would create. I am sure it would be FAB!
    Happy Blogging!

  3. marilynpr Says:

    I like your post because I have been really curious about the iPad. It seems like the Kindle in a lot of ways but a little more advanced. The idea of reading a book but not on paper seems like a little too much technology for me right now. You are so right about the pride factor too, it seems to be pretty abundant among companies right now. I think that Apple products are so cool really because of the PR and various advertising concepts that they use- they always really hip and in with the generation. I don’t know about the iPad though- it really just seems like too much too fast. It’s so crazy to think about what in the world our kids will be using in college if we are already using stuff like this.

  4. lowoodward Says:

    The other morning on the radio, a DJ was talking about how they were giving out iPAD’s to callers who won a radio contest and one of the ladies on the show chirped in, “OH! and if you win one, you can watch our radio show on the internet!” and the main DJ immediately cut her off and explained that you actually couldn’t because for whatever reason their website does not contain the right registration to be viewed on the iPAD. So what does that mean for other popular websites? This particular station recently mentioned in the past year, since they made their show viewable online, that they had gained 6 million followers! If that is the case, they will be losing a big chunk of those 6 million viewers, to the iEVERYTHING craze!!

  5. mlong331 Says:

    I’m glad you posted something about the iPad because I too have been interested in it. I think they’re cool and interesting, but after hearing all of the issues and things you can’t do with it I’m definitely rethinking buying one. Great blog!

  6. sarahgricius Says:

    When I was done reading this article, I was shocked that Apple would not admit to their difficulties or mistakes because they have always raved about their technology and how advance it is. But the truth of the matter, is that simple games are not able to open on this new revolutionary piece of technology. And to be honest with you, not only did the PR professionals fail, but so did the marketing sections. I had no clue exactly what the IPad was and what the difference between it and a regular laptop. And surprisingly enough, during the day of the release of the IPad, I went to a mall in Atlanta, Georgia to go pick up a protector for my computer and when I walked up they had ropes closed off as if there was suppose to be a line for all the people wanting the IPad, but not a soul was in line. First off, Apple should of marketed the product better and second they should admit to their mistakes about the technology and recall the product so they can make it the best because that is what their mission has always been.

    -Sarah Gricius

  7. […] Link: […]

  8. ah01490 Says:

    Hey Caroline! Honestly.. I did not hear that much about the ipad. Although I do have a Mac computer I am not good with technology so things like the ipad do not interest me. And as clumsy and forgetful I would more than likely lose or damage the ipad if I did get one. I think Apple is trying to stay at the top of the technological world, but this seems to be a waste in my opinion. Great topic to choose to write about though!

  9. I love Apple products! I have a macbook laptop, shuffle, iPod and many more Apple products. I will not buy the new iPad. All of the reviews good or bad cannot influence my decision. Although it seems like a great idea I cannot bring myself to purchase the iPad that looks like an over sized iTouch. It reminds me of the oversized large calculators or the remote that claims you can never lose it. I despise those products. One of my professors thought about purchasing the iPad. After she went through the checkout process online and added all the programs she needed to properly run it the total cost was $1200.

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