Caroline's Connections to Public Realtions

Care, Create, Conserve

Ch. 11 Key Ideas April 19, 2010

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*Media Dependence on PR(273-74)- I had never though of the relationship of PR and the media in this way. I usually think that PR is dependent on the media for its news and stories. I was surprised to learn that “a good 50 percent of the stories in the news paper come from news releases” (273).  Most journalists hate to admit this dependence though. This makes me feel better about being a Public Relations major. Public Relations has power on the media and we need to be sure to use that power to help the media and not used it in an abusive way.

*Media Tours(289-290)– This has been talked about throughout this particular textbook but chapter 11 offers more of an insight that most chapters have. It explains how to generate coverage, relationship building, and the role of the PR firm. With being a PR major I found this part particularly interesting. Page 290 even offers a case study in which it shows how Media Tours pay off.

*Media Etiquette (298-99)– This chapter is the only one yet that has discussed this subject. It was very interesting to see exactly what was involved in the areas of phone calls, requests, dates, and gifts. I think that this area of the chapter will be very useful when starting out in the Public Relations field. Like, I did not know that you should not do a follow-up call or to not accept gifts that are over $20, or that lunch dates should have a specific business reason and not used for chit chat.

( information taken from: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by: Dennis L. Wilcox sixth edition)


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