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Ch. 12 Key Ideas April 19, 2010

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Chapter 12 is about the “New Media” outlets in how to use them and how they affect people.

*Building an effective website(313-315)- This section talks about how to build a website that would hook an internet user to be drawn and to stay on your website. This is an important task for the PR professional and should be a high priority but one that is shared with many people and not just the PR professional or not just the IT person with the company. They use four main bullet points found on page 313 to outline a good website and what it requires of you. This is a great reference guide for anyone in charge of PR matters or just basic website construction.

*Return on Investment(319-320)-Return on investment (ROI) is something that is not usually talked about but it is nevertheless important when thinking about building any type of media especially interactive ones or ones that will cost you a lot of money. ROI is done when “comparing the cost of the website to how such functions would be done by other means” (319). When considering ROI it would be a time to consider the cost of a website and ads as opposed to pamphlets and tangible materials.

*New Media Highway(323)- On this page there is a “tips for success” box in which there are “road signs” listed to recognize when dealing with new media. Some of the words include Myapace, Facebook, and Twitter. There is even a website listed to check out the list of 2.0 websites that are a good way to track and know the updates of the new media and to follow your target audience.

( information taken from: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by: Dennis L. Wilcox sixth edition)


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