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Beginning of the End April 20, 2010

Filed under: Personal,PRCA 3330 — Caroline Rawlins @ 9:37 pm

I am now approaching the last couple weeks of school the stress is on. There are teachers giving final tests, pools are beginning toopen, the weather is wonderful, and my plate is full with school and duties to organizations that I am in. I always look forward to this part of the year because it means that summer time is coming and I will be able to go home for the summer and see family and friends for a few months. But, to get to that point I have to make it through the next few weeks. It will be hard to do but I find that if I try to get work done during the day and use every moment between classes I tend to manage time better. The push of friends to go to the pool or the invites from friends to go off for the weekend can not get to me now.

I have to not live in the moment and know that the hard work that I will put in now will be worth it come summertime. So, I will push through the beautiful weather calling me and stay indoors and make the grades to make the summer worth it. I may even do some of my work on our beautiful porch and enjoy the best of both worlds.


6 Responses to “Beginning of the End”

  1. nicoleleigh2208 Says:

    I am right there with you I cannot wait to be out for summer. I have worked so hard this last semester and the end is so close. The down side I have summer classes this year because I am trying to graduate but its all almost over. Good luck with finals!

  2. I think we can all relate to how you feel! The end of school is always a catch 22, you always want it to be over with but then again you want it to slow down so you have time to catch up and have time to do everything. Statesboro definitely makes it harder on the average GSU student because of the weather..seems as though we skipped Spring this year and went straight to Summer ugh! I agree with you that it’s a good idea to take advantage of the time during the day to actually be productive. That time is usually when I am resting or taking a nap so maybe that will help. Good luck with everything you have going on!

  3. mc02131 Says:

    I definately understand where you are coming from! I’m sooooo stressed out! These last 2 weeks of school are kicken me in the rear, but thats the price you pay when your a Sr. and you’re taking 21 hours trying to graduate. There is no way I would have taken 21 hours any other semester but my last one in college. I can see the finish line so it’s beareable! I can definately relate to you as well regarding the aspect of how its soo hard to do your school work when the weather is soo nice outside, and you just want to relax and lay by the pool. School is exactly the last thing on my mind when its 80 degrees and sunny outside. i’m just happy after these last 2 weeks of school I’m done for good! Anyways, I hope you do well on your finals! 🙂

  4. […] Author: Rawlins, Caroline ; Link: on April 27, 2010:  I definately understand where you are coming from! I’m sooooo stressed out! […]

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