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GO GREEK April 26, 2010

Filed under: PR Connections,PRCA 3330 — Caroline Rawlins @ 2:02 am

I am currently the Vice President for Panhellenic Association ( aka the governing body for the sororities at Georgia Southern) and we are working on targeting the upperclassmen for the Fall 2010 Recruitment. This can be a hard thing to do since many of the upperclassmen are already involved on campus and have their groups of friends. We are planning on doing a “pen drop” by dropping pens around campus with the information about recruitment on them, putting fliers in the dorms, and displaying sheet signs around the campus.

This may sound like a lot but, I think that involving the social media aspects of Facebook and Twitter can help. After learning about social media in our Public Relations Writing Book I think that it would be a great way to reach the students already attending Georgia Southern University . I went and found a great website called White Paper Source where I was able to find great tips and find out what other people are doing in the area of social media marketing. This site also gives you over 400 responses to the posts that allow you to see the feedback given and advice from others and lure them into registering for Fall Recruitment 2010.

Here is the link for anyone interested in checking out or joining a Greek organization. There are many benefits beyond the social ones and there is a spot for everyone because each organization has over 100 members, you are sure to find someone who you can connect with and relate to.

Do you have any good tips on using social media?


One Response to “GO GREEK”

  1. ah01490 Says:

    You are doing a great job at promotion Panhellenic! I just joined the facebook group and I think that Panhellenic is moving in the right direction by recruiting underclassmen. I agree that the social media aspects of facebook and twitter are helping. As you can see I have been reached, so hopefully people will see that I have joined the group and also join! Keep up the great work! And keep spreading the word about Greek Life!

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