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Budget Cuts… Where has all the concern gone? April 27, 2010

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I think that by now the scare of the budget cuts that were brought to the students’ attentions last month have settled down. Now I ask, what ever happened?

What happened to the cuts? The ones that were putting teachers out of work and students out a certain majors? Where has the concern escaped to ?

Last month the Georgia Southern Student newspaper, The George-Ann released a issue talking about the cuts and students and teachers reacted to the news with shock, fear, and anger. There were even Facebook events created to raise awareness and call for strikes and rallies to stand against the cuts. Georgia Southern also created a page where you were able to be updated and connect through Facebook , Twitter, Linked In, and Youtube about the most recent news on the issue.

There are even ways listed that you can get involved. Some of these include:

1. contacting your legislators

2. join Georgia Southern advicoates

3. contribute to Georgia Southern

4. spread the message

Georgia Southern really used its social media sources on this issue to keep the students and general public involved and updated. Though the university started out with the issue at full force I think that some of the concern has settled. Maybe people got tired of the issue, maybe the crisis management of Georgia Southern worked, or maybe the problem has been solved ( if so I have not heard). I hope that the issue of budget cuts can be solved in a beneficial way to all of those involved with out to much harm done.


4 Responses to “Budget Cuts… Where has all the concern gone?”

  1. I feel like after about a week after this video was promoted throughout the Georgia Southern campus everyone had already forgot about this really important issue. I think that a lot of students don’t care about something that could really affect them. It is disappointing to me to feel to concerned about the budget cuts when I am about to graduate, but I don’t see that from the younger students. GSU did a good job of using social media to get the issue across at first, but I think they need to maintain a more continuous update on what is going on so people stay informed!

  2. annalg Says:

    Georgia Southern’s public relations professionals definitely had their work cut out for them with the announcement of the budget cuts. It was discussed in all of my classes and students were spreading rooms that certain departments were going to be cut before the official announcement came out. The video was a great way to present the issue. President Keel has had an interesting start to his term here at Georgia Southern. I’m glad I am not in his shoes at the moment. Thanks for adding the ways people can still get involved and you are right what is currently happening with the whole deal?

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