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Social Media News Releases April 28, 2010

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When preparing for my big blog about this topic I found a lot of useful and helpful tips, techniques, and uses for the Smart Media News Releases. These can also be called Multimedia News Release or Smart News Releases, but no matter what they are called they are the new way to create a news release. A Social Media News Release is a news release that is able to incorporate “high-resolution photos/graphics, video, and audio components” (pg.136).

Using a SMR is a good idea for a PR practitioner to use when needing to convey a multi-layered message and appeal to a technologically advanced audience. They can be used for just about any message that you would create a traditional news release for. With SMRs you can also reach a broader audience through sites like PitchEngine andPRX Builder. These sites allow you to create a Smart Media Release and be able to distribute it to journalists in a preset data base. Building a SMR may take more time to construct but it is worth the work, you need to be sure to also have a IT person available to you in case you run into technology problems.

You can also look to these websites/blogs for more information:  Copyblogger , Online Marketing Blog, and Real Wire. These are some good places to check out for expert information and some helpful tips about creating a SMR or just to learn more about how they work with their benefits and disadvantages.

Here are some examples of Social Media New Releases:

Shift Communications: Shift Communications is using this SMR to promote their addition of four new clients in San Francisco.

Belkin:Belkin is using this SMR to promote their new cases that can be purchased to protect you new 3G iPhone.


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