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Ten Tips for New Bloggers April 28, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3330,Topic of the Week — Caroline Rawlins @ 2:39 pm

Blogging can get mind-boggling for many people but as new bloggers are emerging daily I would like to provide some tips to help the new bloggers.

1* Plan ahead. Most blogs can be about more personal and casual topics but there can always glitches in your plans and computers. So, plan ahead if you have deadlines to make.

2* Use graphics. Use graphics to accompany your blog. It is much more appealing to the reader and gives a visual to relate to.

3* Check grammar. Even though you are using the internet and being more relaxed in your speech you still need to look professional and educated in your thoughts and words.

4* Comment. Comments allow you to connect with other bloggers and help people find and connect to you. You can gain great exposure from comments and connect with students and even PR professionals.

5* Be creative. Being creative with your layout and in the graphics you use on your homepage and even in your blog. Even be creative when thinking of titles and headlines for your blogs. This makes it much more interesting.

6* Make sure to give credit where it is due. When you pull an idea from a source, whether it is a book, website, or another blog be sure to cite it. If you do not you are technology plagiarizing.

7*  Blog often. Keep up with your blogging. If someone gets interested in your blog you don’t want to leave them hanging. Be sure to blog often and about relevant topics. Keeping up-to-date is important to keep your audience.

8* Cut the clutter. Be sure to organize your blogs by topics and even dates. This allows the reader to navigate your site well and that is important when wanting to get attention in the blogging world.

9*  Do not be too harsh. Blogging is definitely a place to express opinions but be sure you are tasteful in doing so. Never curse or use improper language this makes you look very unprofessional and careless.

10* Be yourself. Put your personality into your blogs. Use the graphics, colors, fonts, and words to show who you are as a person. This makes you stand out from the others and very relatable to the people reading.

Hope you found some helpful tips while reading! Good luck and happy blogging.


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