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Here Comes the Bride April 28, 2010

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Last  week my brother, Michael, got married. He is only a year older than me but has already graduated from Augusta State University. It was at Sacred Heart Cultural Center in downtown Augusta, Georgia. Her colors were purple and green ( which I am not a big fan of) but I went along with it because it was HER day. She planned it all herself, which after seeing everything that goes into it, I do not think I could do. My dad was a groomsman and I was a bridesmaid so it was very special being able to be a part of it. Being a part of the wedding really made me realize how much I miss home and my family.

I hope to be able to spend some time with them this summer when I move back to Augusta to work and spend the summer there.


Beginning of the End April 20, 2010

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I am now approaching the last couple weeks of school the stress is on. There are teachers giving final tests, pools are beginning toopen, the weather is wonderful, and my plate is full with school and duties to organizations that I am in. I always look forward to this part of the year because it means that summer time is coming and I will be able to go home for the summer and see family and friends for a few months. But, to get to that point I have to make it through the next few weeks. It will be hard to do but I find that if I try to get work done during the day and use every moment between classes I tend to manage time better. The push of friends to go to the pool or the invites from friends to go off for the weekend can not get to me now.

I have to not live in the moment and know that the hard work that I will put in now will be worth it come summertime. So, I will push through the beautiful weather calling me and stay indoors and make the grades to make the summer worth it. I may even do some of my work on our beautiful porch and enjoy the best of both worlds.


Sorority Stereotypes February 22, 2010

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With being a member of a sorority there are always questions about the “type” of sorority I belong to. I take this question with a grain of salt and try to explain that there are types given to certain sororities and Greek life as a whole but that most of them are wrong. Sororities (mine for sure) were not founded on the ideals of partying, skipping class, and acting a fool.

Mine, Alpha Delta Pi, was founded on the ideals of Christian womanhood. We keep a GPA that is higher than the average Georgia Southern student, participate avidly in philanthropic events of their own sorority or for ones of another sorority. We are also involved in many on campus organizations such as Southern Ambassadors, Student Government Association, SOAR, and others.

So, next time you see a woman on campus or in the community with Greek letters of any type, try to look past the letters and look at the person.The letters do not define us, we define the letters and make them just an outward symbol of our inner strength.


The Bachelor; love or money February 9, 2010

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Monday nights at the Alpha Delta Pi house are highly anticipated. The hours of  8 p.m. -10 p.m. are devoted to The Bachelor. The current season is down to the last four girls and their hometown dates. During the latest episode a contestant, Ali Fedotowsky, left on her own accord.

She left because her job had contacted her and said that she would be fired if she did not return. This ultimatum visibly made her upset and she chose to leave. Though The Bachelor is a reality show, it seems to show a resounding theme in many “love stories” that money is more important than love.

Many people become married to their job, give up love for a higher position within their company, or choose to let how much money someone has to be a main issue when deciding to love. This is a sad concept, but an obvious one. Maybe everyone needs to take a step back and ask themselves whats more important, love or money?


Hello world! January 12, 2010

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This is my FIRST blog! I have no experience with this sort of thing, but I hope to enjoy it and learn the ropes soon.