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Care, Create, Conserve

Ch. 15 Key Ideas April 27, 2010

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Chapter 15 is about giving speeches and presentations. I am currently in public speaking so this chapter was very relevant to me.

*Researching ( pg. 403-04)– This is the first step when preparing a speech and you need to be sure to be very thorough when doing research. Research on your topic can provide you a lot of information to serve as examples and statistics to back you up when speaking and if you do it right you will never go into a speech unprepared. Researching your audience is also important because with the right information and demographics of your audience you can tailor your speech to relate and reach them effectively.

*Word selection (pg. 407-08)- Once you have all of your information and research it is important to use the appropriate words to get your point across. Page 407-407 provides you with several tips to consider when choosing the right words to use. Some of these tips include things like: avoid jargon, use simple words, use bold verbs, and avoid modifiers (pg. 407).

*Gestures and Eye Contact (pg. 413-14)- Some of the strongest language that you use is not spoken, it is your body language. These are the gestures and eye contact that you use when speaking to your audience.  They ” play a major role in establishing credibility” (pg. 413). Being able to use appropriate body language will speak volumes about you without you even opening your mouth.

( information taken from: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by: Dennis L. Wilcox sixth edition)


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