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Multimedia Storytelling Techniques April 28, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3330,Topic of the Week — Caroline Rawlins @ 1:18 am

This week I took a NewsU Course about the Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling.

What I learned: I learned about the specific techniques required to create a multimedia story . You can use many outlets of tell the story such as videos, texts, animated graphics, maps and even still photos. Each of these techniques have a different approach and way of drawing the audiences’ attention.  Videos and animation can show motion and action while text can tell the background and should be used when other forms of media cannot be used. When using all of these different elements together it can be a great way to tell a story the best way.

What surprised me: I was surprised to learn that out of all the elements of multimedia storytelling that photos trumped videos. I would think that the multimedia of videos with their visual and audio aspects would be more effective and highly used than photos. I would have never thought about this. I guess for the next story I do I will try to use pictures to capture the moments and emotions I am trying to convey. I was also surprised about all of the details and equipment that is required to make a multimedia story. Some of the things like cameras, backup power, storage for the things you have.

Want to know more: There were a lot of things that I learned but there are a few things that I would like to know more about. I would like to know more about the pitching the story with the tips and hurdles that you might face when trying to get your story to the media.


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